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Corrigendum to Media Release from 01.03.2011: Adjusted figures for Service exports; GDP and other components not affected

Bern, 02.03.2011 - Right after the publication of the press release from 01.03.2011, a technical problem was identified and the figures for service exports had to be revised. Instead of a decrease of -5.8% as announced in the press release, services exports fell by -2.5% in the last quarter of 2010. A direct consequence of this revision is that total exports had to be recalculated: +0.9% in the 4. Quarter 2010, instead of a decrease of -0.3%, as published in the tables associated to the press release. The quarterly pattern of exports over the year 2010 as well as the first provisional annual figure (calculated as the sum of the four quarters) have been affected by this revision as well.

Due to the fact that quarterly GDP is obtained by summing value added across industries, the GDP quarterly figures were not affected by this technical error, nor the other GDP components (except «changes in inventories and statistical discrepancies» obtained as a residual). Released PDF-tables and all Excel-files have been today (2.03.2011) up-dated.

Address for enquiries:

Bruno Parnisari, SECO, Head of Short Term Economic Analyses, Economic Policy Directo-rate, Tel. +41 (31) 323 16 81


State Secretariat for Economic Affairs
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