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SECO increases its support to developing countries’ central banks

Bern, 13.09.2012 - Central banks play a crucial role in maintaining a stable macroeconomic environment. However, the expertise needed to implement an efficient monetary policy is lacking in many developing countries. To promote such skills, SECO launched an assistance programme on 13 September aimed at central banks in developing countries.

With a coherent monetary policy, developing countries are better equipped to deal with the external shocks and latent instability resulting from the international crisis. In combating infla-tionary pressure, central banks play a key role in reducing poverty and in implementing a sustainable economic development policy.

This programme, which is run in collaboration with the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, has a budget of CHF 12 million for the period 2012-2016. It covers numerous key areas such as monetary policy analysis and implementation, opera-tional and systemic risk management, financial supervision, statistics and personnel man-agement. The SECO and the IHEID coordinate the activities of this programme with the Swiss National Bank and the Study Center Gerzensee.

In addition to specific technical assistance, the programme also includes training measures and an applied research programme to analyse the challenges facing monetary authorities in developing countries. The results of these studies will be discussed at an annual conference to be held in Geneva with representatives of central banks, the academic world and political authorities from Switzerland and other countries.

This programme complements SECO’s previous support measures for central banks. On 15 September 2011, a contribution of USD 5 million was made to CEMLA, the association of Latin American central banks, for implementation of a technical assistance programme in debt management.

Address for enquiries:

Monica Rubiolo, SECO, Economic Cooperation and Development, Macroeconomic Support Division, Tel. +41 31 324 07 85


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