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Sector Committees

The aim of the various sector committees is to interpret the demands of the standard for special fields. This way, they support the SAS in implementing the relevant standards as well as in harmonising the demands of the standard on a national and international level.

The sector committees represent an important link between the SAS and the corresponding special fields. They consist of the experts of the branches, trade associations and employees of the SAS.

 Name of the Sector Committee


Construction materialDr Nicolas Guscioni
ChemistryDr. Hans-Jakob Ulrich
ElectrotechnicsOrlando Holenstein
Information technologyThomas Hilger
CalibrationOlivier Kauer
Medical laboratoriesPeter Roos
AgricultureLorenz Roggli
FoodDr. Barbara Plaschy, Manuela Quintilii
Legal medicine and forensic scienceSimon Herren
Transportation of passengers and goodsPaolo Pesenti
Destructive and non-destructive material testingDr. Yamin Kriescher
CertificationRichard Sägesser


Last updated on: 13.03.2015
Author: Stefanie Hägler

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