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Swiss Accreditation Service SAS - Welcome

SAS has moved - new address as from now:

Swiss Accreditation Service SAS
Holzikofenweg 36
CH-3003 Bern

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20 Jahre SAS
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The Swiss Accreditation Service examines and accredites conformity assessment bodies (laboratories, inspection bodies and certification bodies) according to international standards.

It shall implement the basic principles for the several branches in collaboration with the interested bodies in Switzerland. Furthermore, the Swiss Accreditation Service represents the national interests in international organisations, which are concerned with the accreditation and - as appropriate - the assays and the conformity assessment.

The Swiss Accreditation Service is an important device to create a transparent and qualified infrastructure for conformity assessment bodies in all branches. By the existent international structures, it establishes the background for the international acceptance of reports and certificates.

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Swiss Accreditation Service SAS
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