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Swiss Accreditation Service SAS - Welcome

The Swiss Accreditation Service examines and accredites conformity assessment bodies (CAB) - i.e. calibration and testing laboratories, inspection and certfication bodies as well as reference materials services and providers of proviciency testing services - according to international standards. By means of accreditation the competence of a body to execute conformity assessments according to specified requirements is formally acknowledged. The Swiss Accreditation Service is an important device to create a transparent and qualified infrastructure for conformity assessment bodies in all branches.

The aim of the accreditation is to strenghten the confidence in the competence and services of the CAB. The reports and certificats issued under an accreditation and which are also recognised abroad within the framework of international agreements support the confidence in the quality of the correspondent products and services. Herewith, the reports and certificats issued by accredited CAB contribute considerably to the elimination of barriers to trade.

The SAS is attached to the State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO) as a so called FLAG unit (FLAG: management with public service agreement and global budget). However, it takes decisions concerning accreditation independently and antonomously - in accordance with the applicable national and international requirements. Thus, the Head of SAS decides according to the Accreditation and Designation Ordinance (AccDO) on the granting or denial of accreditation as well as on the suspension or the withdrawal if the requirements for an accreditation are not fulfilled anymore.

In collaboration with the interested organisations in Switzerland, the SAS provides for the application of the international standards in the individual specific fields. Furthermore it represents as part of a widespread international accreditation architecture the national interests in the international organisations which are involved in the accreditation and conformity assessments.

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New accreditation marks

As previously communicated and according to art. 42a of the AkkBV, as from January 1st 2016, solely the new accreditation marks are allowed to be used.
For certification bodies: If the accreditation mark appears on certificates, the new accreditation mark has to be used at the latest on the occasion of the next renewal of certification.

SAS successfully passes EA evaluation:

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