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Fight against corruption

Corruption enriches the few, but weakens the social fabric, the economy and the state. Where corruption is rampant, it becomes a key obstacle to development.                                                                                          
Corruption undermines the rule of law and democracy; it leads to the wasting of public funds; it distorts competition; it hampers trade and inhibits investments. Thus, there is a general agreement today that corruption is a major evil.  
However, corruption is not a necessary evil. For some time now, efforts to combat corruption have been stepped up internationally on all fronts. To this end, Switzerland actively participates in the development of international instruments aimed at combating corruption and cooperating to fight against corruption (see Instruments and Initiatives).
Additionally, Switzerland encourages developing and transition countries to fight corruption and its causes, and supports bilateral and multilateral initiatives and programmes for fighting corruption.
Fighting corruption in Switzerland's development cooperation

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