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The free trade agreement concluded with Turkey on 10 December 1991 and entered into force on 1 April 1992 was the first agreement of this type to be concluded by EFTA. On the basis of an evolutionary clause of the agreement (art. 27), Parties have thus launched in January 2014 negotiations with a view to modernise the agreement. The modernised agreement was concluded in substance on 16 November 2017 and signed on 25 June 2018 on occasion of the EFTA ministerial meeting, which took place in Sauðárkrókur, in Iceland.

Compared to GATS the chapter on trade in services has been enhanced through specific rules contained in annexes relating to recognition of qualifications, movement of natural persons,  electronic commerce, telecommunications services, co-productions, financial services, health services, tourism and travel services, international road transport services and logistics. Commitments regarding market access are based on a positive listing approach. This chapter does not contain obligations on standstill and ratchet.

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