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Negotiations for a free trade agreement between Switzerland and China were launched on 28 January 2011. The section regarding trade in services was concluded in substance on 1 March 2013 in its eighth round of negotiations. The agreement was signed by the competent Ministers on 6 July 2013 and has entered into force on 1st July 2014.

The section consists of a chapter and an annex on trade in services (TISA) as well as annexes containing the lists of commitments with regard to market access, which follow the positive list approach and lists of exemptions from the most-favoured-nation clause. These annexes form an integral part of the chapter. This chapter does not contain obligations on standstill and ratchet.

It corresponds to the architecture of the GATS. On the basis it contains a series of provisions from the GATS, as well as additional provisions of a horizontal nature and other, more specific ones concerning in particular the movement of natural persons, financial services and traditional Chinese medicine. Regarding the latter the section is completed by an annex on the reimbursement of such medical services in the framework of the Swiss health system. The commitments by Switzerland and China will procure their service suppliers better access to the respective markets. The text of the Chapter is authenticated in English, Chinese and French, the other texts are exclusively in English. For more ample information please read the following note:

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