Updating Free Trade Agreements

The earliest free trade agreements concluded by Switzerland within the framework of the EFTA do not contain specific provisions on trade in services. Only as of the beginning of the year 2000, most of the agreements include sections pertaining to trade in services. Since then, legislations have evolved and the services markets generally have been opened further. In addition, the main competitors of the Swiss economy have also concluded free trade agreements with Switzerland's trading partners. Consequently, Switzerland aims to update its network of free trade agreements. At this point, Switzerland with its EFTA-partners is negotiating the revision of the following free trade agreements:

EFTA - Mexico

The agreement contains a section on trade in services. On the basis of the article on trade liberalisation (art. 24), the Parties have begun works in April 2004 aiming at revising the part relating to trade in services. Work continues in 2018. At this time the parties have submitted their respective propositions, which diverge. The latest round of negotiations took place from 6 to 9 June 2017

EFTA - Singapore

The Parties have launched the review process on the schedules of specific commitments on market access (art. 27) in the beginning of 2007. The aim is to update the existing schedules and replace them by new ones. This update relates only to the services sector. This work continues in 2018.

EFTA - Chile

Based on the review clause of the schedules of specific commitments on market access (art. 27) and the negotiation mandate regarding financial services (art. 45), the Parties have started a revision of the part relating to trade in services in April 2006 with the goal to complete and update it. It has since been decided to revise the entire Agreement. Work continues in 2018.

EFTA - Peru

The agreement does not have a substantial chapter on trade in services, but a negotiating clause for that purpose (art. 4.1). The Parties discuss the modalities of launching negotiations.


Last modification 11.10.2018

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