The Swiss Standard Negotiating Text for Free Trade Agreements

In 2004, Switzerland prepared a standard negotiating text for a separate chapter on trade in services, which builds on the GATS. The Swiss Standard Negotiating Text can take four different forms depending on whether the relevant provisions of the GATS are taken by reference or are fully transcribed and according to the number of Parties to the negotiations. It is usually proposed in the course of free trade agreement negotiations. Please find these four forms below:

The four forms use a redaction that corresponds to a positive list approach. If commitments would follow a negative list approach, the redaction of the text might be adapted accordingly, in particular, the articles on Market Access, National Treatment and Schedules of Specific Commitments.

Annexes are defined on a case-by-case basis. They may cover specific topics or sectors in line with the mutual commercial interests of the Parties and are, where applicable, based on the GATS.

Last modification 09.12.2016

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