Organisation and Procedures

Organization of the National Contact Point

In Switzerland, the NCP is located at the State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO) at the International Investment and Multinational Enterprises unit. Specific instances are handled by an internal working group composed of members of the Federal Administration responsible for the issues addressed in a specific instance. The organization and activity of the NCP is based on the Declaration of the OECD Ministerial Council on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises and on the Decree of May 1st 2013 on the Organization of the National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and its advisory board (Classified compilation 946.15).

The approach of the National Contact Point in concrete cases

The NCP receives credible information that a company has not respected the Guidelines - or at least part thereof. In a preliminary examination, the NCP collects facts of the specific case (substantial content of the submission, justification, relevance) as well as the parties involved (identity, interest in the input) and decides whether a connection with the OECD Guidelines can be established. If this is the case, the NCP contacts the parties involved. The NCP may offer a platform for dialogue or assumes the role of a mediator and thus tries to contribute to an agreement between the parties. The mediation process is in general confidential and requires the consent of all parties. However, with respect to the results of the procedure, the NCP needs to find a balance between transparency and confidentiality. The NCP publishes the results of a procedure if both parties agree and a solution is found for a conflict. In the case where no agreement is reached, the NCP publishes this result as well. Furthermore, the NCP can make recommendations where appropriate.

The outcome of the NCP's involvement in specific cases is made public on the following websites:

- National level:

- Specific Instances of other National Contact Points:

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