Measures Undertaken by the EU in the Steel and Aluminum Sector

Switzerland is subject to the EU safeguard measures in the steel sector as well as to the EU surveillance measures in the aluminum sector.


Safeguard Measures on Imports of Certain Steel Products

The EU Commission introduced definitive safeguard measures on certain steel imports through Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/159 of 31 January 2019. The safeguard measures are applicable from 2 February 2019 to 30 June 2021. The measures take the form of country-specific tariff-rate quotas (except for product category 1 for which an overall tariff-rate quota is foreseen) for each product category (there is a total of 26 such categories). Country-specific tariff-rate quotas are granted to Switzerland for categories 12, 14, 16, 17, 21, 26 und 27; these represent the product categories for which Swiss imports into the EU exceed 5% of the EU’s total imports for the corresponding product category. The size of the tariff-rate quotas has been determined based on average yearly imports between 2015 and 2017 plus a mark-up of 5%. As of 1 July 2019 the volume of the tariff-rate quota will be increased by 5% each year. The EU Commission publishes information on the fill rates of the tariff-rate quotas (Tariff Quota Consultation). Once the tariff-rate quotas are filled, the EU will levy an additional duty of 25 % on imports.

Additional information: Factsheet EU safeguard measures (PDF, 234 kB, 13.02.2019) (available in German)

Surveillance Measures on Imports of Certain Steel Products

Against the backdrop of global overcapacity in steel production, the EU adopted a surveillance system in the steel sector as early as 1 June 2016 (EU Implementing Regulation 2016/670 and EU Implementing Regulation 2017/1092). Since then, imports of certain steel products into the EU have required the presentation of a surveillance document (import license). The EU Commission issued an Interpretative Notice clarifying which economic operators not established in the EU may request and receive a surveillance document and under what conditions. For all product categories concerned by the definitive safeguard measures, the surveillance measures are suspended with the introduction of definitive safeguard measures in February 2019.

Surveillance Measures on Imports of Certain Aluminum Products

On 25 April 2018, the EU Commission introduced a surveillance system on certain aluminum products (Commission Regulation 2018/640). The regulation provides that in order to import certain aluminum products from third countries into the EU a surveillance document (import license) shall be required as of mid-May 2018. The implementation of the Regulation 2018/640 has been clarified by an Interpretative Notice. The document clarifies which economic operators not established in the EU may request and receive a surveillance document and under what conditions. The EU Commission does currently not intend to introduce further trade-restrictive measures on imports of aluminum products.

Position of the Federal Authorities of Switzerland

The Federal Authorities are in close contact with the European Commission and are following closely the development of EU trade policies applied in reaction to the introduction of US import tariffs. Switzerland has repeatedly asked the EU Commission and EU Member States to exclude Switzerland from EU safeguard measures. Switzerland requests that existing and any new EU safeguard or surveillance measures be designed in a way that they do not restrict EU-Switzerland trade and take into account the obligations of the 1972 Free-Trade-Agreement between the two parties.

Press releases


Schutzmassnahmen der EU auf Stahleinfuhren: Auswirkungen auf die Schweiz

Die EU hat am 31. Januar 2019 definitive Schutzmassnahmen in Form von Zollkontingenten auf die Einfuhren von Stahlerzeugnissen aus Drittstaaten erlassen. Auch Stahleinfuhren aus der Schweiz in die EU sind von den Massnahmen betroffen.


Freihandelsabkommen Schweiz – EU: Treffen des Gemischten Ausschusses

Am 13. November 2018 fand in Thun das 65. Treffen des Gemischten Ausschusses des Freihandelsabkommens zwischen der Schweiz und der Europäischen Union (EU) statt. Im Zentrum der Gespräche standen die Schutzmassnahmen der EU im Stahlbereich.


Schweiz – EU: Gespräche über die Schutzmassnahmen der EU auf Stahleinfuhren

Am 17. September 2018 hat in Brüssel ein ausserordentliches Treffen des Gemischten Ausschusses des Freihandelsabkommens zwischen der Schweiz und der EU von 1972 stattgefunden. Thematisiert wurden die Schutzmassnahmen der EU auf Stahleinfuhren, welche auch die Schweiz betreffen.

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