Steel and Aluminum Imports in the U.S.

Tariffs Imposed on Certain Steel and Aluminium Products as of March 23, 2018

On March 8, 2018, the US introduced tariffs of 25% on certain steel products and of 10% on certain aluminum products for national security reasons. The tariffs apply to imports from all partner countries (including Switzerland), with the exception of those from Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Australia Brazil and South Korea. However, steel and aluminium imports from Argentina are subject to a quota as well as the steel imports from Brazil and South Korea.

Tariffs Imposed on Steel and Aluminium Derivatives as of 8 February 2020

On 24 January 2020, the US announced that it would impose additional tariffs of 25% on certain derivative steel products and 10% on certain derivative aluminum products for national security reasons effective 8 February 2020 .  (

Derivative steel and aluminium products from Argentina, Australia, Canada, and Mexico are exempted. Derivative aluminium products from Brazil, South Korea are exempted.

Product-specific exclusion requests
There is scope for demanding product-specific exclusions from the aforementioned tariffs. The US Department of Commerce is in charge of examining the requests.

Forms and detailed information on the product-specific exclusion process can be found on the following portal:

See also the U.S. Department of Commerce press release regarding the June 13, 2019 launch of the new product exclusion request portal: 

User guide

FAQs (PDF, 548 kB, 11.03.2020) (frequently asked questions)  

How Should I Proceed?

General remarks:

  • Product-specific exclusions must be requested by US-based representatives or US-based clients of foreign companies. (“only individuals or organizations using steel [or aluminum] in business activities [e.g., construction, manufacturing, or supplying steel products to users] in the United States”)
  • The examination of the requests will take place from the perspective of national security and will allow to determine whether a product is manufactured in the United States in a satisfactory quality or in a sufficient and reasonably available quantity.

Requests submitted after 13 June 2019:

Contact with the US authorities:

Requests submitted until June 12, 2019:

  • The docket number for product-exclusion requests regarding steel is BIS-2018-0006, and the docket number for requests regarding aluminum is BIS-2018-0002.
  • The status of the requests can be checked at

For further information:

Reporting Procedure and Entry into Force for Approved Exceptions

  • Requests submitted on or after 13 June 2019: The status of requests can be consulted directly on the US Department of Commerce website: (for requests submitted before 13 June 2019: ; docket number BIS-2018-0006 or BIS-2018-0002)
  • Exclusion requests are approved only for one product. The exceptions are limited to the company or organization which submitted the request. Consequently exclusions will not apply to all clients or representatives horizontally.
  • Normally the time period for the U.S. Department of Commerce to make a decision on requests will not exceed 90 days.
  • Affirmative exclusion decisions will enter into force 5 working days after the responses are published In principle, they are effective for one year. Renewals have to be requested through the aforementioned procedure.

Informationsaustausch mit der Schweizer Wirtschaft: Massnahmen der USA (PDF, 91 kB, 23.04.2018)This information is currently available only in German. A translation will follow soon.

List of steel and aluminium products subject to additonal US duty

List of Derivatives of Aluminium and Steel articles subject to additional US duty

Video tutorials by the DOC

User Registration and Login

Filing a New Exclusion Request

Filing a Rebuttal to an Objection

WTO Dispute settlement proceedings - Measures imposed by the United States on certain steel and aluminum products

On 9 July 2018, Switzerland launched WTO dispute settlement proceedings against import adjustment measures imposed by the United States on certain steel and aluminum products. Switzerland considers that these measures are contrary to WTO law. Consultations, which represent the first stage of WTO dispute settlement proceedings, failed to settle the dispute and Switzerland requested the establishment of a panel. The panel was established on 4 December 2018 and the proceedings are now ongoing. Six other dispute settlement proceedings – initiated by China, the European Union, India, Norway, Russia and Turkey – are currently under way concerning the measures taken by the United States.

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