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The Linked Data Service LINDAS is a tool for integrating and linking data from various  decentralised sources; it allows the comprehensive accessibility to structural data about services provided by the Confederation, the cantons and municipalities.


LINDAS follows the concept of Networked Administration Switzerland based on the standard eCH-0126. The concept describes how the modernisation goals of the eGovernment Switzerland strategy can be achieved through linking up services and processes across organisations. A key prerequisite is the inte-gration of information across the administration. Linked Data Service LINDAS allows linking, supple-menting and publishing heterogeneous, decentralised and complex directories of authorities and ser-vices and other decentralised data sets. LINDAS has been running in pilot mode since 2015. The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO will develop LINDAS further during the legislative period 2016-2019, with the objective of leaving the pilot mode and running the platform as an eGovernment basic service in the frame of the Open Government Data Strategy for Switzerland 2014-2018.

Enriching and linking data as Linked Data, supplementing and publishing the data as open data that are accessible to everybody (Linked Open Data), can be easily done, thus multiplying the potential use of the data and reducing the costs for applications that access information across data sets. Thanks to globally unique identifiers Linked Data also allows a sustainable availability of the data.

Short film about LINDAS

This short film explains how LINDAS works.

Use cases

An up-to-date overview of examples that are being implemented or tested can be found via the follow-ing link:

Linked Data Service LINDAS

Linked Data Service LINDAS was realised in the first quartile of 2015 and is operative:

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