SuisseID - Proof of identity and electronic signature

SuisseID is an instrument that promotes electronic business transactions and was launched by the federal government in 2010. The Federal Council and parliament decided to accelerate the introduction of electronic transactions in the scope of economic stability measures. The State Secretariat for Economy SECO was entrusted with implementing the project. The institutions responsible for electronic certifications have, under SECO leadership, elaborated industrial standards for the electronic identification SuisseID. This standard allows for a legally valid electronic signature as well as a secure authentication process. SuisseID has been available on a chip card or flash drive since 2010.

SuisseID - Be it safe in electronic commerce

SuisseID facilitates electronic services that require a secure identification of the users or customers. In the internet it is comparable to presenting your ID or passport to prove your identity. With SuisseID documents can be signed electronically. The electronic signature is legally as binding as a real one. Similar to a bank card, SuisseID uses a personal identification number (the PIN code).

The institutions who issue SuisseID are certified under the Federal Law on the Electronic Signature.

The launch and promotion of the SuisseID by the federal government was a temporary state intervention. In 2017, SECO transferred the trademark rights SuisseID to SwissSign AG.

Last modification 08.11.2018

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