Tourism Strategy of the Swiss Confederation


The Federal Council's tourism strategy is designed to create an internationally competitive tourism industry and make Switzerland an attractive and productive tourist destination.

The Federal Council’s tourism policy has the following four objectives:

1. Improving framework conditions
The Federal Council’s tourism policy aims to improve the framework conditions for tourism. Prioritisation is geared towards improving the way in which the federal government’s tourism policy is coordinated and exploiting synergies. Regulations should be streamlined wherever possible and processes and procedures at federal level should be simplified while taking into consideration the objectives of relevant sectoral policies. This should enable businesses in the tourism sector to broaden their entrepreneurial scope and bring down their costs.

2. Promoting entrepreneurship
The federal government’s tourism policy places great importance on promoting entrepreneurship. The focus is on increasing productivity, boosting the skills and competencies of all players, supporting structural change and strengthening the tourism labour market.

3. Exploiting the opportunities presented by the digital economy
The Confederation’s tourism policy aims to help the Swiss tourism industry make the most of the opportunities presented by the digital economy. The plan is to increase the support provided to the tourism industry in the digital transformation of its business models and processes. It should also aid in the digital transformation of tourism market development activities.

4. Enhancing the attractiveness of tourism offerings and market presence
As the attractiveness of tourism offerings and the market presence of Switzerland as a tourist destination are interlinked, they are treated as a single objective. The focus is on the development of investment incentives, and the exploitation of the momentum provided by major events – e.g. Winter Olympics, other major sporting events, and high-profile exhibitions, such as the Swiss or World Expo – being hosted in Switzerland. The objectives are interrelated. The aims have overlapping features, which will be taken into account in the implementation of federal tourism policy.

Four instruments are available to help implement federal tourism policy: Innovation promotion, cooperation and knowledge building in tourism (Innotour), Switzerland Tourism, the Swiss Society for Hotel Credit and the New Regional Policy.

Federal tourism policy and its tools are subsidiary to the work of the cantons, local authorities and tourism-related industries.
Maintaining dialogue with the cantons and with tourist associations (in particular the Swiss Tourism Federation, hotelleriesuisse, GastroSuisse, Seilbahnen Schweiz) is essential.

Last modification 12.06.2018

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