Enhancing attractiveness of tourism offerings and market presence

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Product design and marketing are key elements of tourism. Attractive products that meet guest requirements are crucial for competing in the international market. The Confederation’s tourism policy will increase its support for the provision of attractive and marketable products in the future.

Investment incentive are reviewed for this purpose on the basis of an overview, any need for adjustment is identified, and investment subsidies developed accordingly (comp. Action Area 7). The hosting of major events, such as the Winter Olympics could significantly stimulate the Swiss tourism industry. The Confederation’s tourism policy sets a new priority in this respect, and plans to exploit these stimuli as much as possible (see Action Area 8).

Action area 7: Investment incentives
Tourism infrastructures are very capital-intensive. Investments in tourism infrastructure are often supported by public funding. On the basis of an analysis, an overview of current investment funding in Switzerland is to be developed and any needs for amendment are to be identified. The effects of the legislation on second homes will also be evaluated.

Action area 8: Major events as a catalyst
Major events have the potential to serve as driving forces for the development of tourism and the regional economy. Events with international reach such as the Olympic Winter Games and other major sport events as well as global or national exhibitions are at the forefront. In order to make optimal use of the potential for major events to be driving forces for structural change in tourism in the future, tourism policy should actively support major events before, during and after the event.

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