Improving framework conditions

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By improving the framework conditions, the Confederation’s tourism policy aims to maintain and enhance the competitiveness of tourism businesses, and strengthen key elements of Swiss tourism assets.

Prioritisation is geared towards improving the way in which the federal government’s tourism policy is coordinated and exploiting synergies (comp. Action Area 1). Regulations should be streamlined wherever possible and processes and procedures at federal level should be simplified while taking into consideration the objectives of relevant sectoral policies (comp. Action Area 2). This should enable businesses in the tourism sector to broaden their entrepreneurial scope and bring down their costs.

Action area 1: Coordination and cooperation
The new tourism strategy will intensify the coordination of federal tourism policy. Developing the Tourismus Forum Schweiz (TFS) into a platform for dialogue and coordination is the focal point. The aim is to form temporary broad-based working groups made up of representatives from the tourist industry, cantons, communities and the Federal Administration. Topic- and project-specific cooperation in the working groups should serve to identify challenges in a targeted manner and, if necessary, develop courses of action and solutions.

Action area 2: Tourism-friendly regulatory environment
As part of the implementation of the tourism strategy at federal level, SECO will continue to focus on tourism-friendly regulations, such as in the context of ongoing legislative proceedings or parliamentary initiatives. This will also take account of the fact that nature and landscape, key resources for tourism, suffer because of the well-known problems arising from common resources. SECO will particularly intensify efforts to assess relief measures for regulations relevant to tourism policy with the help of the tools available. The aim of this is to help increase the productivity of tourism companies and lower costs, particularly legal costs, for companies.

Last modification 13.02.2018

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