Promoting entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurial thinking and action are decisive factors for successful tourism. Meanwhile, entrepreneurship also presents Swiss tourism with one of its biggest challenges The Confederation’s new tourism strategy focuses on promoting entrepreneurship.

The promotion of entrepreneurship is understood as a comprehensive term, and also comprises the qualification of employees and executives. Implementation focuses on two action areas. Firstly, the aim is to contribute to increasing productivity (comp. Action Area 3). Then, the tourism labour market must be strengthened (comp. Action Area 4).

Action area 3: Productivity of the tourism business
The ongoing enhancement of tourism companies’ productivity, such as the reduction of costs and/or increase in revenue, is therefore of central importance and will form an explicit focal point of federal tourism policy in the future. To this end, the awareness level of existing services for start-up funding and coaching (e.g. Innosuisse and the RIS regional innovation systems co-financed by the NRP) is to be increased. Efforts are also to be made to improve the strategic capability and focus of players in the tourism industry. Activities are to be organised in such a way that they support the structural change facing tourism.

Action area 4: Tourism labour market
SECO’s partnership with cantons and associations is to be intensified in order to identify opportunities to strengthen the tourism labour market. Furthermore, training and education in tourism is to be improved using existing tools and channels. The partnership with the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) is to be strengthened to help achieve this. The aim is to exploit the opportunities offered by digitalisation and shape the education system to fit the needs of digital reality in tourism.

Last modification 12.06.2018

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