Raymund Furrer

Ambassador Raymund Furrer (*1960), lic.phil. l. Since 1 October 2015 in charge of the Economic Cooperation and Development Division and Delegate of the Swiss Government for Trade Agreements. Before this, Head of the Swiss Business Hub in the Gulf Countries and since 1 April 2014 additionally Consul General of Switzerland in Dubai. Between April 2008 and August 2012 heading the Multilateral Cooperation Division. Before this, Senior Advisor of the Executive Director at the World Bank in Washington, head of the Bilateral Economic Relations with Asia at SECO, Head of a WTO section at the Federal Office for Foreign Economic Affairs, first Secretary of the Swiss Delegation of the OECD at Paris, as well as employments at the Asian Development Bank and at the private Sector.

Last modification 22.01.2020

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