Sanction measures against Belarus

Berne, 28.06.2006 - On 28 June 2006 the Federal Council approved sanctions against Belarus and issued the corresponding ordinance. The ordinance enters into force on 29 June 2006. The sanctions are being imposed in view of the breach of constitutional principles in the presidential elections held on 19 March 2006.

The Ordinance on Measures against Belarus provides for the freezing of funds and economic resources of 36 members of the Belarusian government and of the political institutions in Belarus. Thirty-seven people are prohibited from entering or passing through Switzerland.

The Federal Council is thus following suit in adopting the sanctions agreed by the European Union on 18 May 2006.

The measures serve to affirm the Federal Council's existing position. In response to the growing frequency of breaches of constitutional principles, Switzerland took the decision to suspend financial aid to Belarus at the end of 1996. Following the presidential elections in March 2006, the DFA called on the authorities in Belarus to meet their international obligations to respect human rights and basic freedoms. In April of this year Switzerland introduced restrictions on the issuing of visas.

Switzerland will continue to monitor developments in Belarus and to take measures appropriate to the situation there.

Individuals and institutions that hold or manage funds or know of economic resources which must be presumed to be affected by the financial sanctions, must notify the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) immediately.

The full text of the ordinance can be found on the SECO website ( > Foreign Trade > Sanctions / Embargos > Sanction measures).

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