Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean comprise 33 countries and several overseas territories of European countries and the USA - or in other words South America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. About 700 million people live in this region. It is often referred to simply as Latin America, but this term narrowly refers only to the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries of the region.

The dominant economies are Brazil and Mexico. The export of raw materials is the most important source of foreign exchange for the countries of South America. In most Caribbean countries, tourism takes on this role. SECO publishes the annual Switzerland - Latin America Economic Relations Report, which highlights Switzerland's economic relations with the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. [1]

[1] The report is also available online

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Quellenliste (PDF, 202 kB, 11.04.2022)A selection of electronically retrievable country-specific economic data (available only in German).

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