Switzerland in the WTO

The Swiss economy is very strongly integrated into the global economy. Exports account for some 52% of gross domestic product, and Switzerland's foreign trade flows and direct investments abroad are considerable. Still, Switzerland's share of world trade is less than 1.5%.

As a medium-sized player in world trade, Switzerland – unlike large trading states and blocs – cannot rely on economic power to assert its economic and trade policy interests. It must therefore rely on stable international rules for cross-border trade exchange. The WTO dispute settlement mechanism guarantees that these rules of the game are applied and enforced equally under the law. Moreover, within the framework of the WTO, all members seek solutions to trade problems that arise on an equal footing and, in the process, refine existing trade agreements and negotiate new ones.

Switzerland therefore advocates comprehensive negotiations that not only improve market access but also strengthen existing rules, create new rules where necessary and promote coherence between the multilateral trading system and other policies (such as environment or development).

Last modification 09.03.2023

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