East Asia

Asie de l'Est

East Asia is Asia’s most important region in terms of GDP and home to some of the largest and most advanced economies in the world. East Asian economies stand out in particular for their expertise in industrial manufacturing and their competencies in key technologies, in addition to their crucial importance for global value chains. For example, a substantial part of the global production of semiconductors takes place in these countries. In addition, East Asian companies are present on all continents with products and direct investments.

East Asia is also of great economic significance to Switzerland. The most important trade and investment partners in the region are China, Hong Kong and Japan. Switzerland has free trade agreements with these countries and with South Korea. Overall, the region accounts for some 13% of Switzerland's total trade in goods. Owing to their influence on the global economy and their integration into international supply chains, the economies of East Asia are even more important for the Swiss economy than the bilateral trade figures suggest.

Last modification 07.09.2022

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