Photos and Logos

The SECO has placed a selection of photos of the Board of Directors for you on its Internet site.

The photos can be used free of charge, quoting the source The SECO logos are also available in high resolution.

Persons working together with the SECO in the form of a project are entitled to receive a logo.

Please specify in your enquiry the name of your contact person within the SECO and to which project/product this relates.

The logos are available in portrait and landscape format in the following languages:

  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Romansh
  • English
  • Spanish

Please specify which logo format you require:

  • EPS or JPG
  • portrait or landscape
  • negative or positive
  • language

We will be pleased to send you your requested logo once we have examined your enquiry. Send your email to

Logo SECO Small

Logo SECO Big

Last modification 14.03.2024

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