Mutual recognition with the EEA/EFTA states and Turkey

EFTA Convention, Annex I

Apart from the MRA with the EU, Switzerland also has an MRA with the EEA/EFTA states (EFTA Convention, Annex I). The provisions are the same as those of the MRA Switzerland - EU, with uniform arrangements between Switzerland and the entire EEA (i.e. the EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

EFTA-Turkey free trade agreement: Annex V

The mutual recognition of conformity assessments has also been extended to Turkey. The EFTA–Turkey FTA was supplemented in 2009 by Protocol E, governing the mutual recognition of conformity assessments. Protocol E was subsequently replaced by Annex V as part of the modernised FTA in 2021. 

Functioning of Annex V

The EU has a customs union with Turkey, under which Turkey undertakes to adopt the EU's technical regulations. At the same time, there are also contractual relationships between Switzerland and the EU under the MRA and between the EU and the EEA/EFTA states under the EEA Agreement, both of which require extensive harmonisation of the technical regulations for those sectors covered by the agreements. As a result of the harmonisation of Turkish product regulations with those of the EU (customs union) and the simultaneous harmonisation of Swiss product regulations with those of the EU (MRA), the same product regulations now apply in Switzerland and Turkey for products that are covered by both the customs union and the MRA. This makes for simplified trading conditions.



The Annex V requires Turkey and the EFTA states to mutually accept the results of conformity assessment procedures carried out by conformity assessment bodies which have been notified and accepted under the EEA Agreement, the MRA or the EU–Turkey customs union. This means that for products that are exported to Turkey and for which the same regulations apply in Switzerland and Turkey, conformity assessments can be issued by the designated conformity assessment bodies in Switzerland and must then be recognised by Turkey. This further simplifies trading conditions.

Annex V aims to enable Swiss businesses to export products to Turkey under conditions equivalent to those in the EU (for products that fall under both the MRA and the EU–Turkey customs union)..

List of conformity assessment bodies

Here you will find the List of notified and accepted conformity assessment bodies.

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