Authentication Options

You have 2 options for authenticating your ID in Elic:

Login with password and SMS

For this option, with each login you will be sent an SMS with a code (TAN) to your mobile phone. You must then enter this code in Elic. This ensures that any third party who has discovered your username and password will be unable to login to Elic.

Login with SuisseID

Since January 1st 2020 it is no longer possible to order a SuisseID card.
As new customer, you can only choose to login with password & SMS.

Persons who have already a SuisseID card can use it until 15 December 2021. Except old generation card (serial number starting with 7BFF…) which is for regulatory reasons, only valid until 22 June 2020.

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Last modification 10.02.2021

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