Southeast Asia

Asie du Sud-Est

Southeast Asia’s economies are characterised by growing dynamism. Increasing integration of regional markets and of Southeast Asia into the global economy, as well as a young population are fundamental pillars of the region’s economic growth. Amongst Southeast Asia’s most important industries are consumer goods, tourism and natural resources. Regional integration of a primarily economic nature is driven by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), in which the Southeast Asian states are organised with the exception of East Timor. However, the Southeast Asian countries remain heterogeneous, both in terms of their political systems and their economic development.

Switzerland and Southeast Asia are increasingly tapping into the great potential in their economic relations. Existing free trade and investment protection agreements have a trade-promoting effect. Switzerland is also committed to its sectoral dialogue partnership with ASEAN, thereby strengthening relations with Southeast Asian countries, and is contributing to sustainable economic development in the region through development cooperation.

Last modification 23.08.2022

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