Objectives of the foreign economic policy

To maintain and increase the prosperity of the population in Switzerland, foreign economic policy pursues three strategic goals.


1. Rules-based international system

Switzerland seeks a broad-based, multilateral and reliable rules-based international system for cross-border economic relations. Such a system of international rules and obligations creates legal certainty and stability. This makes Switzerland attractive to high value-added businesses, which contribute to prosperity and employment in Switzerland.

2. Access to international markets

Switzerland seeks legally protected access to international markets that is as extensive as possible. For businesses and consumers mutual access to market is important for selling exports as well as for procuring production inputs and benefitting from product diversity and lower prices.

3. Sustainability in economic relations

Switzerland advocates cross-border economic relations that contribute to sustainable development at home and abroad. It is committed to the creation of a framework that corrects market failure, such as negative externalities of economic activity.

Last modification 22.11.2021

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