Foreign Economic Policy

Foreign economic policy serves to maintain and increase the prosperity of Switzerland’s population. Switzerland's policy of openness and integration into global value chains has made possible a high living standard in recent years.


As a medium-sized national economy with few natural resources, Switzerland relies on the easy access to foreign markets. With its foreign trade policy, Switzerland creates the framework conditions and instruments so that foreign trade can continue to contribute to the Swiss standard of living.

International trade enables the division of production processes, which leads to efficient and cost-effective production. The Swiss economy can thus specialize, which increases value creation and raises incomes. Consumers gain access to a wider range of products and lower prices.

Access to foreign markets is not just about additional sales markets. Given the high cost level, companies in Switzerland depend on the smooth procurement of suitable inputs at lower prices abroad in order to focus on value-intensive activities.

Last modification 22.11.2021

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