Enhance the appeal of tourism offerings and Switzerland’s market presence

Attractive offerings and a strong market presence are important factors of success for the Swiss tourism industry. Attractive offerings are essential to richly varied and relaxing holidays and fruitful business trips. A strong market presence, meanwhile, is essential to securing demand for those offerings. Increasing the appeal of the portfolio and strengthening market presence are a priority objective for the Federal Government’s Tourism Strategy. The federal government's tourism promotion instruments are designed to be subsidiary to others. Limited financial resources are disbursed to maximum effect and enabling them to make better strategic use of the synergy potential that already exists.

Action Item 13: Help to maintain competitive tourism infrastructures

Tourism infrastructures play a crucial role in accessing, adapting and pursuing business areas offering a smart combination of profitability and long-term prospects. Financing these infrastructures in holiday areas and peripheral regions can be a problem. For this reason, the federal government supports investments in tourism. Federal investment promotion is to be further developed and optimised. For this purpose, a revision of the statutory foundations is being prepared at the Swiss Society for Hotel Credit (SGH). In the case of the NRP, optimisation options will be examined by SECO in partnership with the cantons and, where appropriate, incorporated into the structure of NRP investment incentives from 2024 onwards.

Action Item 14: Increase convenience and quality for guests

The aim of this action item is to expand tourism offerings strategically to make a stay in Switzerland and all that it offers as easily accessible and liveable as possible for guests. A further goal of this action item is to diversify demand throughout the year and throughout the country, ideally also extending guests’ stays, while always keeping convenience and quality in mind.

Action Item 15: Support the revitalisation of city and business tourism

Swiss cities should be positioned even more firmly as leisure destinations, and city centres revitalised where possible. Cultural tourism is an important factor. Business tourism must tap into new market segments, such as events that have been redimensioned as a result of the pandemic. In future this will mean that venues in Switzerland will no longer be too small.

Last modification 20.07.2022

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