Tourism policy

The Tourism Policy Section acts as a centre of expertise for the conceptual design and implementation of Switzerland’s tourism policy. It develops knowledge bases, formulates policy, represents the interests of tourism policy both nationally and internationally, supervises Switzerland Tourism and the Swiss Society for Hotel Credit on behalf of the Swiss government, and enforces the Federal Act on the Promotion of Innovation, Cooperation and Knowledge Creation in Tourism (Innotour).

Switzerland is a top tourist destination with an immense wealth of  scenic and cultural attractions in a highly compact area as well as excellent infrastructure and tourist companies offering high-quality services. Tourism is a major sector in the Swiss economy, particularly in the Alps.

The tourism strategy, approved by the Federal Council on 15 November 2017, represents the basis of tourism policy for the Swiss Confederation. Federal tourism policy pursues the following four aims: improving framework conditions, promoting entrepreneurship, exploiting the opportunities presented by the digital economy, enhancing the attractiveness of tourism offerings and market presence.

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