Facilitated placing of goods according to international agreements or the «Cassis de Dijon principle»

The following five agreements and the «Cassis de Dijon principle» facilitate the placing of certain products on the Swiss market.

Mutual Recognition Agreement Switzerland – EU and EFTA Convention

The MRA Switzerland – EU foresees the mutual recognition of conformity assessment results for the product sectors covered by the agreement. According to Annex I of the EFTA Convention (PDF, 146 kB, 04.12.2013), the mutual recognition of the MRA Switzerland – EU applies as well to the EEA/EFTA member states Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Agreement on Agriculture Switzerland – EU  

The Agreement on Agriculture between Switzerland and the EU stipulates the equivalence of regulations in the veterinary field (meat and dairy products), as well as for plant protection, animal feed, seed, wine and spirits, organic farming.

«Cassis de Dijon principle»

Products which are lawfully placed on the market in the EU can also be placed on the market in Switzerland according to the «Cassis de Dijon principle», which has been included into the Law on Technical Barriers to Trade and the Ordinance on the Placing on the Market of Products manufactured according to Foreign Technical Regulations. Foodstuffs that do not fully correspond to the Swiss technical regulations may only be placed on the Swiss market if the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office has issued an authorisation.
The Negative List (PDF, 355 kB, 05.01.2024) includes all products that may not benefit from the «Cassis de Dijon principle».

Agreement on Mutual Recognition between Switzerland and Canada  

The MRA Switzerland – Canada covers the mutual recognition of conformity assessment results for four product groups (pharmaceutical products, medical devices, telecommunication equipment and electrical appliances). Conformity assessment results are mutually recognised as long as the products are assessed according to the technical regulations of the importing country.

Protocol E of the EFTA – Turkey Free Trade Agreement

The Protocol E of the free trade agreement between the EFTA States and Turkey regulates the mutual recognition of the conformity assessment results of products covered by the Protocol.

Please note:

Anyone placing a product on the Swiss market is liable for its conformity with the applicable technical regulations, even if the conformity assessment was carried out by a Third Party.

Any product placed on the Swiss market may be subject to controls by the responsible authorities.

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