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Besides the trade agreement, Switzerland has concluded, in the context of its ‘mind the gap’ strategy, agreements with the UK on air traffic, road transport, insurance, citizens’ rights, social security and police cooperation. There is also a temporary agreement on service provider mobility. More information can be found here:

Switzerland–UK relations post Brexit

Service supplier mobility

The Agreement on Services Mobility (SMA) between Switzerland and the United Kingdom ensures ease of access for services providers since 1 January 2021. Since that date, Free Movement of Persons between Switzerland and the EU (AFMP) no longer applies between Switzerland and the UK.

The SMA regulates access and temporary stay of services suppliers in Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Switzerland applies the notification procedure for service suppliers from the United Kingdom seeking to work in the country for up to 90 days per year. The United Kingdom grants sectoral market access commitments to contractual service suppliers and independent professionals (see list of sectors below), as well as further preferential conditions to Swiss services suppliers. The SMA does not only cover Swiss nationals but also services suppliers with permanent residency in Switzerland. Furthermore, Swiss services suppliers are not subject to an economic needs test for access in the covered sectors and are not required to provide evidence of English language skills. Swiss services suppliers may be granted access to the United Kingdom for 12 months within two calendar years.

A declaration from the UK authorities describes access conditions for services suppliers from Switzerland.

With the SMA, service suppliers from Switzerland continue to have extensive access to the United Kingdom for the supply of contract-based services by natural persons. Swiss businesses may resort to short-term services from United Kingdom companies more timely.

Market access to the United Kingdom under the SMA is limited to persons with a university degree or equivalent qualifications. The United Kingdom has recognised certain Swiss qualifications equivalent to a university degree (Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education
delivered by Colleges of Higher Education or awarded after an Advanced Federal Professional Examination) .

The SMA shall end on 31 December 2025.

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