The Government's Role

CSR has to be primarily implemented by companies. However, the Swiss Confederation plays an important role in the development of framework conditions and standards as well as the provision of support for CSR. The international community, including Switzerland, also plays a key role in supporting partner countries with an undeveloped or patchy legal framework. In view of the promotion of CSR, the confederation applies a combination ("smart mix") of legally non-binding measures (e.g. recommendations) and if necessary complementary statutory provisions (e.g. public procurement). The confederation considers important, that CSR is promoted primarily through dialogue with companies and further stakeholders.

The first sustainability report on the exemplary role of the Federal Administration for 2021 shows, along eight themes, what ambitions the Federal Administration has set itself, what activities it is already implementing and how it is measuring its progress. The eight topics cover those fields of action that are particularly important from the point of view of internal and external actors and where the Federal Administration's actions have the greatest impact on sustainable development.

Last modification 19.01.2023

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