Index of weekly economic activity

The index of weekly economic activity (WEA) provides immediate information about the growth of the Swiss economy. It does not replace the GDP calculations, but it shows a high correlation with the growth of real GDP in Switzerland and supplements the existing data. The calculation covers the period from 2005 and is based on daily and weekly indicators.

Economic activity relative to the pre-crisis level in %


Reading example

  • For calendar week 13 2021 (March 29 to April 4), the WEA index stood at +3.9.
  • Thus, the WEA was still 1.0% below the pre-crisis level (Q4 2019).
  • On average in Q1 2021, the WEA index stood at -0.3, which implies growth in real, seasonally, calendar and sport event adjusted GDP of -0.5%.

machine-readable data


  • Until further notice, the WEA index will be published once a month.
  • The WEA index is an experimental statistic, is constantly checked and can be amended if necessary.
  • The WEA index is neither a weekly GDP figure nor a forecast of GDP by SECO or by the Federal Government’s Expert Group on Economic Forecasts.
  • The WEA index may be revised retrospectively if the indicators it consists of are revised.

Last modification 12.07.2022

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