Trade remedies

Trade defence measures in the form of tariff increases may temporarily be taken to protect the domestic economy if a domestic sector is threatened with serious injury. Such measures are applicable, for example, if one party's subsidies unduly affect trade, if companies in another country enter the market of the other party with dumping prices, or if the negotiated tariff preferences cause injury to domestic industries. The provisions in the FTAs are largely based on WTO law. In addition, they contain consultation and information obligations tailored to the bilateral relationship.

Safeguard measures often hit the export industry unexpectedly and can thus undermine legal certainty. If taken for protectionist motives, they are unjustified. In its FTA negotiations, Switzerland is seeking the mutual exclusion of anti-dumping measures. In addition, Switzerland strives to exclude each other from WTO safeguard measures wherever possible, provided that their imports do not cause serious injury. This is however not always successful, as many countries are unwilling to make concessions on these issues.

FAQs on trade defence instruments

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