Movement of goods

The provisions relating to trade in goods govern the tariff concessions (tariff reduction or elimination) which the parties grant each other. This enables better market access for Swiss export products on the one hand and facilitates the import of goods on the other.

Industrial Products

Switzerland’s FTAs aim at eliminating tariffs as far as possible for all industrial products, including fish and other marine products, on both the import and export side

Agricultural products

Switzerland’s FTAs distinguish between basic agricultural products (BAPs) and processed agricultural products (PAPs). In these two areas, the aim is to achieve targeted liberalisation that is compatible with the objectives of Swiss agricultural policy. With regard to BAPs, the concessions granted by Switzerland relate in particular to tariff reductions for non-sensitive products (e.g. tropical fruit) and imports within existing WTO tariff quotas (e.g. meat or fruit/vegetables). For processed agricultural products, Switzerland generally grants concessions corresponding to so-called "industrial protection". (More information on processed agricultural products can be found here - text in French) Switzerland also has export interests in agricultural products. In particular, it seeks greater access to foreign markets for agricultural products such as cheese and dairy products as well as for food preparations such as energy drinks, chocolate and coffee.

FAQs on the movement of goods  

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