Geographical priorities

As an economy strongly integrated in the global economy, gaining access to geographically diversified markets is beneficial to Switzerland and strengthens its resilience to crises. At the same time, Switzerland focuses on its key economic partners, while maintaining an independent position in the changing geopolitical environment.


Prioritising key partners

  • Switzerland continues to pursue regulatory convergence with its most important trading part-ner, the EU. Maintaining and developing the proven bilateral approach remain central.

  • Switzerland continuously explores how to expand and deepen trading relations and coopera-tion with other key trading partners (such as the US, China and the UK). Switzerland conducts a systematic analysis to determine which other countries qualify as key or potential economic partners.

  • Switzerland strives for effective inclusion of developing countries and emerging markets in the global economy and the rules-based international system. It supports them in harnessing the opportunities of global integration.
Sources: SNB (2021): Capital stock in Switzerland by ultimate beneficial owner. Swiss balance of payments. Services that cannot be assigned to a specific country are not included. FCA (2021): Swiss-Impex – Goods, without gold. Imports and exports, 2019.

Boosting resilience through diversification

  • To boost resilience, Switzerland creates well-suited framework conditions that allow economic actors to diversify geographically.
  • Switzerland seeks opportunities for enhanced international cooperation in the supply of critical goods. It generally refrains from government-controlled repatriation of production processes.
  • Integration in global markets reinforces interdependencies in the global financial and economic system. To contribute to the stability of this system, Switzerland promotes the resilience of developing countries and emerging markets.

Last modification 22.11.2021

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