Export promotion

Export promotion

The federal government's export promotion programme is intended to supplement private initiative by:

  • identifying and exploiting market opportunities abroad;
  • positioning Swiss exporters as internationally competitive providers;
  • supporting access of Swiss companies to foreign markets.

Under the Federal Act on Export Promotion (SR 946.14), the federal government promotes exports of the Swiss economy within the framework of the «Switzerland. Trade & Investment Promotion» [1] programme.

Switzerland Global Enterprise (formerly known as Osec), a private association, has carried out tasks in the field of export promotion since 1927. A corresponding service agreement was concluded between SECO and Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) for 2024 - 2027. As an internationalisation specialist for Swiss companies, S-GE supports SMEs in particular, in identifying and helping them to exploit market opportunities abroad. S-GE provides information about international market developments, provides advice, acts as a broker for contacts, business opportunities and business partners worldwide and creates awareness of Swiss products and services abroad.

SECO's Export and Location Promotion Section in turn supervises the external service provider, develops strategies for export promotion and, as the competent administrative authority, represents the interests of the Swiss export economy in the context of economic policy legislation.

Switzerland Global Enterprise
Stampfenbachstrasse 85
CH-8006 Zürich
Tel. +41 44 365 51 51

[1] «Switzerland. Trade & Investment Promotion» is the official name for the export promotion programme, administrated by S-GE under a service agreement with SECO. This programme name is also a registered trademark of SECO.

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