Industrial products

Industrial products may be subject to various technical regulations. For example, a boat equipped with a radar may have to conform to the technical regulations for «Modes of transportation/boats» as well as «electrical and telecommunication appliances».

Modes of transportation

Motor vehicles (cars, tractors, motor bikes, mopeds, etc.)

Almost all motor vehicles imported into Switzerland are subject to approval (exception: light motor bikes, electric wheelchairs up to a maximum speed of 10 kph). Simplified regulations apply for the importation for personal use and parallel imports. The Federal Roads Office FEDRO is responsible for the approval of motor vehicles.


Boats imported into Switzerland must comply with the Ordinance on Navigation on Swiss Waterways. Article 148g of the ordinance stipulates the special regulations for recreational crafts. The cantonal Water Navigation Offices are responsible for approving recreational crafts.


Packaging, pressure vessels and tanks for the transportation of dangerous goods

The provisions of the Ordinance on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road SDR apply. Further information can be obtained from the Federal Roads Office FEDRO.

Machinery and appliances

In addition to the sectoral regulations, the requirements on specific energy consumption, energy efficiency and energy consumption-relevant properties apply in accordance with the Energy Efficiency Ordinance.

Gas appliances and pressure vessels

Gas appliances

Pressure equipment and simple pressure vessels

Electrical and telecommunication equipment

Low-voltage electrical equipment

The following regulations must be met when placing low-voltage electrical equipment, such as household and entertainment appliances, on the market:  

  • Requirements for electromagnetic compatibility
  • Requirements for low-voltage equipment
  • Requirements on specific energy consumption, energy efficiency and energy consumption-relevant properties in accordance with the Energy Efficiency Ordinance
  • Requirements on batteries and on the reduction of harmful substances in electrical equipment

Telecommunication Equipment

For the technical regulations governing the placing on the market of telecommunication equipment, please access OFCOM’s website. In addition, please note that the provisions on energy efficiency contained in the Energy Efficiency Ordinance apply.

Measuring Instruments

Regarding measuring instruments and categories of measuring instruments, please refer to the Federal Institute of Metrology’s website.

Construction products

According to the Federal Law on Construction Products, a construction product is defined as any product or kit which is produced to be incorporated permanently in buildings and civil engineering construction works. The definition is comprehensive and includes simple construction materials, like sand or cement, but also end products, such as prefabricated garages. Please note that lifts are covered in chapter «Machinery and Appliances».

Chemicals products

The placing on the market of chemical substances and preparations is subject to different procedures depending on the material, the type of preparation or the use of said product.

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