Loan guarantees for SMEs

SME Policy Loan guarantees for SMEs

The federal government assists efficient and viable SMEs in obtaining bank credits by funding loan guarantee cooperatives.

Starting a new business, or advancing an already existing one, often requires a lot of money. Entrepreneurs can look for external investors or take out a bank credit to cover their financial needs.

The loan guarantee cooperatives are supported by the federal government and facilitate SMEs access to bank credits because these organisations can provide the banks with guarantees. In Switzerland there are three regional loan guarantee cooperatives, as well as a national loan guarantee organisation for women:


These cooperatives guarantee loans of up to 1 million CHF. The Confederation insures up to 65% of the associated risk of loss. The authorities also pay a proportion of their administrative costs.

Applications for loan guarantees must be handed in to the appropriate loan cooperative.

Last modification 07.12.2023

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