Reducing the administrative burden

SME Policy Reducing the administrative burden

Excessive red tape is a drag on the economy. One of the advantages Switzerland enjoys as a business location is that its administration is comparatively streamlined. But of course we cannot rest on our laurels. SMEs in Switzerland would like things to be even simpler, and other countries are continually improving the conditions they offer to firms.

Measures to redue the administrative burden

SECO works with other federal offices to reduce the administrative burden resulting from regulations. It supports the cantons and facilitates the exchange of information by finding successful ways to avoid higher regulatory costs. It measures the subjective burden and publishes the results in the Red Tape Monitor. It prepares specific administrative relief measures for the Federal Council.

Assessing the impact of regulations and measuring costs

Important new regulations are subject to an impact assessment before they are implemented in order to assess their potential impact on the stakeholders concerned.

SME Forum

This extra-parliamentary expert commission with representatives from the private sector advises the administration and checks the most important legislation projects under the aspect of the administrative burden.

Last modification 16.01.2024

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